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ACN Independent business owner and the benefits

July 07, 2018
Should you wish to be a part of the growing family of ACN (American Communications Network), the very first thing you should do is to register as an independent business owner (IBO). There will be a few forms to fill up such as the individual business owner agreement form. Most importantly, you need to pay an enrolment fee of $499. The price varies depending on which country you live in. The $499 rate is for people in the United States. It is a start-up fee which is actually necessary if you are going to put up a business. The only difference is that when you put up a business on your own, you will need a much higher capital.

If you become an independent business owner, you will have access to the products and services of the company. You can start marketing ACN's wide range of products and services. Keep in mind that being an IBO means being an independent business owner. You are working for yourself and you have your own business that you can operate right in the comfort of your home. You get to work at your own pace and time. You are not ACN's employee. You are a business owner.

Why choose ACN?
  • It is a highly reputable company and has been around since 1993.
  • It is the largest digital sales telecommunications company in the world.
  • It is an international business operating in 25 countries on various continents around the world.
  • The products and services of ACN are what everybody needs in this time and age.
  • It has a positive BBB rating.
  • It has the backing of one of the world’s successful businessmen, Donald Trump.
  • It offers a competitive compensation package.
  • It is not just a business, it is a community of people who lift each other up to achieve a common goal.